1) What’s in it?

Each formulation is uniquely blended from the best sourced and “cleanest” ingredients Dr. Lancer utilizes in his office in Beverly Hills. All these proprietary formulations have been developed over the course of his career and utilized on his patients prior to making their selection in Polished. We guaranteed you will instantly appreciate the incredible step up in quality over any previous product you have tried.

2) I have sensitive skin. Will I break out?

The short answer is no you should not. Hypoallergenic ingredients and incredible formulation and production quality standards have gone into mixing and preparation of your Polished system. There is always the 1 in a million chance that there is some interaction an individual may have. We have yet to see that in a Polished customer.

3) Why I should use it?

Increasing the quality of your skin care regiment can only help the result you see in your skin. Without going to deeply into the science and chemistry of supermarket or drugstore products we can say confidently that the quality of your ingredients and formulations predetermines the results you see in your skin.

Many off the shelf products are designed to produce effects like foaming or a strong scent and as a result can contain chemicals that are harsh and possibly damaging. Polished is a system created by a globally recognized dermatologist who frankly has been selling the most highly regarded women’s skin care products for years. When you order Polished you are essentially getting all of Dr. Lancer’s years of expertise and knowledge in a simple system that you will enjoy using.

4) What does it smell like?

This is one of the most common questions we get. It is certainly difficult to write about aroma. Suffice it to say it has a scent that is manly, pleasing and never overpowering. In fact you can use cologne over it of you do but 90% of our customers abandon harsh colognes for this subtle scent the first time they use it.

We want you to try it for yourself and discover how attractive it is. That is why we conceive this offer where we are giving away the anti-aging serum for the price of shipping and handling. We want Polished in your hands right away because we have seen the reaction from the men that try and adopt it. We promise you will be thrilled with the result and the scent.

5) Can I only get it here?

No. Actually, there are a number of retailers that are currently taking orders for Polished. This is the only place you will find Polished for the discounts we are offering because you will be ordering yours direct from Polished and our marketing team has allowed us to give you this incredible special introductory pricing for a limited time. This is also the easiest way to discover our direct savings club.

6) What is the Direct Savings Club?

If you watched the video with Ryan you are aware that there is a way to get a travel kit sent to you every single month. We designed this kit for ourselves as business people. Like you we travel and we wanted to make sure we had a kit that would get through TSA and be small enough to take with us anywhere. What we discovered was that kit was perfectly suited as a 30-Day Supply. To encourage you to sign-up we decided to give you the item we all need. We sourced a very well made German Steel 5-Blade razor and handle.

It is again a product we use ourselves in the company, daily. When you sign up for the monthly Auto Deliver of the 30Day supply kit we send include a NEW RAZOR AND SET OF BLADES FREE. This is a $29.95 VALUE. Every month that you stay on this club you will not only save money on the price of Polished we will continue to send you a new SET OF BLADES EVERY MONTH. Every 6 months we will send a new handle as a replacement or for you to share the Polished Brand with a friend you care about.

We are in the company of true gentlemen. We welcome you to join us. 

Questions? Feel free to email me at support@buypolished.com